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This site presents a computer technology, "La Maieutique", which will drive world data processing into a new aera : the aera of computer becoming “human”, communicative, intelligent and knowledge-hungry. Plus these key abilities we have been waiting from him since its inception : helpful, never forgetting a new knowledge, and user friendly. La Maieutique is perfectly functional, you can check it by yourself thanks to the demonstrations suggested in the French pages (demonstrations). Don't worry, you can understand the principles of this invention without speaking French.

La Maieutique is a brain which is put in the computers as a program read on CD or downloaded from a website and which gives them instantaneously a behavior close to the human behavior. This brain works by reasoning on human knowledge. This extraordinary capacity allows it to :

1. dialog with users (e.g.: to execute vocal instructions, answer on the telephone, dialog on the Net without human intervention, communicate on behalf of handicapped people) : "Le Conversationnel."

2.  adapt to each user by recognizing him/her, by modifying its voice, its vocabulary and its behavior according to his/her desires : Artificial Intelligence

3. write for the users - and constantly improve !
- programs that even teams of computer scientists are unable to develop, thanks to natural language programing

4. identify the user's knowledge and expertise
(even unconscious), to ariculate them, then to produce programs in order to get rid of repetitive tasks : "la Maïeutique", the tip of our technology.

Starting from this invention, new computer abilities will evolve that will change our humane society itself. This makes La Maieutique rare example of real "breakthrough innovation".

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