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Key points
If you arrived here, it mean you think about how to participate in the future success of Tree Logic. The key points you should remember are the following ones :
  • the technology is perfected, what remains to be done is to give it a trendy look to break the box office (€40, 000...)
  • the markets it can adress are unlimited in number and variety. There is not an area which could not benefit from using it.This may even be a challenge for the investor, as it is difficult to choose one of several different possible business plans. Conversely, this is perfect for our partners.
  • Tree Logic lacks a budget to start marketing its products or technology (under exclusive or non-exclusive licenses)
  •  the technology is a breakthrough innovation : revenues are unpredictable, there is no existing competition, the market can not imagine that such technology is possible. But it is certain customers will adopt it as soon as they see it and the number of potential markets is enormous. Which, again, makes choosing a business plan challenging...
  • demonstrations are so "impressive" that there will be free initially with huge media impact: medias - including television and radio stations - dote on that kind of audiovisual presentations. Our press book already contains hundreds of articles on our technology, our products, its inventor Jean-Philippe de Lespinay and business references.
  • Imagine presentations in front of an audience of journalists who will be using computers with which they can talk at length, computers they can program themselves without even hitting the keyboard (they will use voice commands), without even looking at the screen... Imagine !

"Business plan"...

For over 10 years, people kept asked us for a business plan. Whenever we produced one, it was rejected, except in one case !  If you want to see an example of our business plans, click here. Investors are never satisfied... If this is your case, please do not waste your time with us, you would waste ours as well.

Business model

Jean-Philippe de Lespinay, inventor of La Maieutique and founder of Tree Logic, has accumulated over time an impressive number of ideas on opportunities for its technology. For 28 years, he has been testing almost all and every computing markets, from management, to manufacturing, to science, and developed for each of them customized versions of its products. There exists ample opportunity to create a large number of companies, each of them offering revolutionary products in different areas... As there is no question of dealing with everything at the same time, let's start by marketing Tiara Vocale, a wonderful technology showcase, a (vocal) software which can be translated easily in any language and a product that has the chance to target a huge market : all computer users around the world.

Just after this first project, in order to benefit from the assets of Jean-Philippe de Lespinay's 
long experience, we will create an engineering company with a triple goal: technology transfer (with royalties), consulting about possible products and consulting about sectors to be approached.

The partner we need :

Quite frankly, we need :

- Either an investor / business angel familiar with the worldwide computer market, who does not require a market research or a concept research to realize  that this invention is a gold mine. He has a nose for this kind of business, with enthusiasm!

- Or a partner willing to commercialize one of our products or our technology, taking in charge the marketing at the first stage. Like the investor, his decision will be based on flair and market experiencel.

The moral in the fable: have a nose !

We only need €40, 000 to produce a personalized vocal Tiara, which would be sold over the Internet! €40, 000 to adress the worldwide market, as Tiara makes the computer accessible to everyone, handicapped people included. One computer manufacturer (HP, Acer, Nec, etc.) may order million of copies of this product since it sells million PC per annum. Imagine Tiara is sold just €1 per unit. You see the turnover and the profit margin since we provide just a CD that the manufacturer duplicates itself! €40, 000 is to start the ramp-up, after which our company should at least be able to assume the technical support (hot line), maintenance and improvements (developers). The purely commercial approach - marketing for example - is not a problem since, precisely, there is no competitors to be fought. Considering the innovation, the playful aspect of the product and the dreams it brings, in fact the media quite naturally will ensure the promotion of our sales, as they did at the beginning of the adventure of La Maieutique in France.

With these €40, 000, we can first produce a free and limited product, developed in Java and natural language, La Maieutique, which will be available for free on our website. It will then spread by viral marketing and media success. Then, the free version will bring orders of paying versions which have the advantage over the Internet to be paid before delivery... Brilliant in it's simplicity, no ? Of course, we can propose more ambitious business models, which need more ambitious funding. You decide ...

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