With Conversational, computers no longer require complex and expensive interfaces like Windows, Mac or the web. These OS require the manipulation of prehistoric tools as the mouse, keyboard and even the screen, which terribly slow communication with computers !

You need this kind of gear when you talk to someone in the street ? No, of course. They are expensive and should be used only in cases where they are useful: the mouse to draw, the keyboard to write, the screen to view images. To communicate quickly and without error, there is nothing better than words. We are genetically built to speak and the computer must imitate us.

The minimum computer it is a processor, a memory, a microphone to collect our words and a loudspeaker to diffuse its words. All this fits in a cell phone, even in a watch! The concept of speaking is so efficient to communicate that we fully understand by phone. If the computer is not able to doing that, it is a lout ! If you see a computer chat at length with many users calling each by name, it is automatically equipped with La Maieutique.

There is no other solution in the world

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Artificial Intelligence

Computers for a long time have all that it is necessary to become intelligent ! Alas, computer scientists who should have worked on it avoided doing it...

There exists a category of people, in France in any case, which has no interest so that the computer works without them... As a result, computers are stupid, they need programs to guide them step by step.

La Maïeutique is based on a real artificial intelligence: that which makes the computer intelligent and not that which flatters the intelligence of the data processing specialist… So, these so-called complex machines to manipulate become domestic styles, kinds of robots. Able to remain in constant contact with users wherever they are - by Internet, telephone, Wi-fi, etc.. - they gradually discover their knowledge and needs. Thus, their behavior is improving constantly. They adapt to the desires of each and it saves invaluable time.

No operating system is today able to do that.

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Natural language programing

With La Maieutique, anyone can now develop programs. Perhaps you think it's without interest. Mistake! A concept study made for us 10 years ago has already demonstrated the opposite: the geek, who is the precursor of future market, is excited to finally be able to customize his computer and transform itself into a single machine in the world. Its own creation... More seriously, all the programs are automation of experts knowledge. But these experts are not computer experts, as the general population. Global Knowledge is held by non-computer persons, so people who ignore programing. To safeguard and automate this knowledge, and without La Maieutique, we are obliged to go through a very small percentage of the population: the computer scientists. Thus only 0.57% of French ! And 100 times less in the rest of the world… However, anyone is an expert and ignore it, lack of suitable tools for realizing. During his life, he learned some things that may be of unexpected importance for humanity. Today, we live in a world where many of individual knowledge is lost for lack of programmers.

Thanks to La Maieutique, this frustration disappears : each owner of computer or telephone (mobile or landline) becomes able of programming. No need to have been extensively trained in a computer language, the computer guide you in describing your program, it writes it for you and shows how it progresses. All that in language of every day, with permanent visualization of the work on the screen both in graphic and conversational modes, modes which greatly facilitates the maintenance of the application. The first impact of La Maieutique in society, thus it is the appearance of a multiplicity of developers, an explosion of intelligent programs, a vertiginous acceleration of progress and the foreseeable disappearance of the job of data processing developer… Don't worry too much for them : they are only 400 000 in France and they do not only develop, far from it. They still have many tasks to carry out. Don't forget also they are the cause of death of many jobs and much unemployment the interest of the community, I must say. Each turn.

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La Maïeutique

With La Maieutique, to program a computer is to teach him something by knowing that it will be able to use it. This ability is called self-learning. This is not writing a program that guides the machine step by step, as it was an idiot, ie the full of defects current method. More interesting, for the 1st time in history, the knowledge the computer uses is written in plain language : it is text. Can you imagine better? For the 1st time, humans and computers have the same language ! Our chance, it is that they never forget what one teaches them, except if one requires of them. The computer is the memory of humanity…

With La Maieutique, the computers execute software by reasoning above a text knowledge, as we do ourselves by reasoning on our own knowledge. This new faculty has enormous range : becoming able to garner knowledge without interruption and to improve them unceasingly, they can start to exchange them with remote users (by the Web or telephone for example). This new faculty has an enormous scope : becoming able to garner knowledge continuously and to constantly improve, they may begin to exchange it with remote users (via Web or phone for example). Of course, nothing new yet. It already exists. Except... the only softs traded today are those produced by computer scientists, ie by 0.01% of the world population ! And there are rough tools, not very intuitive and usually far from the desire of the average user. Only the computer scientists get their money. With Maieutics, everyone can read the program, understand it, add his own knowledge and propose it free or fee. La Maieutique will allow an explosion of uses of information technology, global knowledge and progress. It is not 0,01% of the world population which is able to program and to exchange its knowledge but nearly 100%. The revolution of shared knowledge is walking!

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